Welcome to Guardwel Industries Private Limited

Offering an exclusive range of security products including Safes, Safe Deposit Lockers, Fire Proof Safes, Security Safes, Vaults (Strong Room) Doors, Fire Resisting Filling Cabinets, etc.

An Overview

Guardwel, which was established in 1986, is a brand that is connected with physical security products. Our company, Guardwel Industries Private Limited, designs and manufactures high-end physical security products. We have always been one step ahead of our competition in identifying the demands and preferences of our customers.

It is a huge issue worldwide to have a reliable security system in place to protect physical assets such as money, jewellery, vital papers, and other valuables. Guardwel, with a diverse line of products, provides assets with security and safety by protecting them against fire, theft and destruction. We are able to produce high-quality security products since we have access to the most up-to-date research methodologies, machinery, and current technologies.

Founder of our company, Late Shri. Anthony Tuscano was a first-generation entrepreneur and a seasoned professional in the field of physical security goods. Continuing his tradition of designing with continuous development, we have launched multiple new products in India, including fire-resistant products and TRTL classes of safes, which are recognized and utilized by the foreign market as well as the domestic market.

Quality Assurance

With an aim to provide a failsafe product, Guardwel Industries has designed all its products with built in quality. In addition our BIS Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, which results in world class security products.

Manufacturing Unit

Our state-of-art manufacturing unit comprises of modern Machine tools and equipment. The locks fitted on our products are designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory (OEM Locks). Our unit has all kinds of test facilities that assures the product we offer are most reliable, safe and has long-life. Further, we offer customized products at affordable prices to our ever-growing clients.

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